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Comodo slows down uploads

comodo slows down uploads

Read our detailed review of Comodo Internet Security Complete it slows down your downloads, and its processes can be easily killed. For instance, the testing shows that if your favorite website took six seconds to load with no antivirus, this can slow down to seven seconds. I have noticed slow down, errors and poor performance even on systems And yes, they provided that tool to me also, I uploaded 4 sets of. COMODO ANTIVIRUS ANY GOOD

Drake Guest. I just signed up to report a similar experience, hope adding it in this thread is alright seems like the same bug. Sometime late last week I started experience intermittent problems connecting to certain websites, specifically I'd get served what appeared to be blank pages but looking at the source revealed there was indeed HTML etc present.

I proceeded to do a lot of troubleshooting I have 20 years in IT, I occasionally have some clue what I'm doing : I originally felt it was a firewall issue but I finally traced the problem to Avast's Web Shield. It wasn't doing this before, so I can only conclude something changed in the last update which I vaguely remember installing last week.

Shutting down Web Shield fixed the issue. Shutting down individual components of web shield did not. I've now reinstalled Avast without the Web Shield module and everything is back to normal. Quote from: Drake on January 14, , AM. Darkmoon Guest. I have a similar problem. Everything was fine up to one of the last updates. Logging into the system sometimes takes minutes and sometimes I have to retry it several times.

When I disable the the Web Shield everything is working great again. I also noticed that I cannot use a speedtest for my internet connection anymore when the Web Shield is active. It seems that every upload is blocked by the Web Shield. I'm using Windows 8. That server there is being abused and misused!

It is a valid detection. Sloppy IT is at the root of a lot of problems! Cybersecurity is more of an attitude than anything else. Avast Evangelists. Use NoScript, a limited user account and a virtual machine and be safe r! Quote from: olddog on January 14, , AM. Quote from: Drake on January 15, , PM. Could you try the latest beta?

Olddog, my appologies: I'm using the free version of Avast without the firewall and also the free version of Comodo without the AV. During my testing with Zone Alarm free I had no issues, but it was an old version 9. I opted for the older version because I don't like some of the functionality changes in the newer version and I'd run it with previous versions of Avast on another machine previously, without problems.

Just to update my current testing: Those CPU usage spikes with Comodo's cmdagent kept happening, more than with Web Shield disabled; it didn't take long to see this was occurring way more than usual racked up 10 minutes of CPU time in only a few hours.

So I installed the newer version of aswStreamFilter. Browser and IM functionality is flawless, and cmdagent is behaving normally by way of comparison, uptime is now 4 hours and its CPU Time is 4 seconds. So as far as my problem is concerned, version 9. Lukor, I will try the patch tomorrow and report back. Quote from: lukor on January 15, , PM.

Quick update, seems I may have spoken too soon. Thank you for your patience Regards, Damon. Comment Post Cancel. After the reboot it went back to using CPU time. I ended up using the CIS uninstaller tool to kill it then things went back to normal. Riley C. Originally posted by vitalsupport View Post. Alas, that worked even worse. Here's the funny thing, I removed comodo secrurity not an easy task as it died during the uninstall and I had to use their tool which ran for like 3 hours, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Did a clean install and its working great. Looking forward to resolution, I worked with one of your support staff to collect stats. His comments when we tried to open Outlook was WOW, that was slow. Rick C. You may need to double-check configurations in there so that only those settings that you choose to restrict will be affected when a device gets enrolled to your ITSM portal.

Following along with this one, having the same issue on multiple clients with regards to Office taking a long time to open. Hello mbarrett , We will send an email to have the issue investigated by the development team since there are confidential information that is needed.

Kindly respond to the email so we can provide a timely resolution. Thank you. Originally posted by Rick C View Post. Jordan C. Hi bob-sawyer , Please let us know the result after the test. In my experience Comodo seems to have more issues when system resources are scarcer. Errors with Comodo ITSM client are usually not an issue but with the security and virtual disks I've seen it lock a computer up.

Most recently I had to uninstall it. I will reattempt an install on the rebuilt system.

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Comodo slows down uploads Everything was fine up to one of the last updates. Avast community forum. At least Comodo's auto-sandboxing will ensure that all varieties of threats are neutralised, and there's a plethora of bonus features that rounds out the security package. The interface does get complex, though, and some real technical expertise is needed for maximal benefit from the program. I was just about to come back in here and report that the issue seems to have been the pipe at Backblaze and appears from my end to have just cleared up by itself. Interestingly now when I try uploading a file directly to B2 via the web GUI, it goes at basically full speed.
Comodo slows down uploads What's really critically important is the level of protection from Comodo, and we checked this further by matching Comodo against our own custom ransomware simulator. You may need to double-check configurations in there so that only those settings that you choose to restrict will be affected when a device gets enrolled to your ITSM portal. A robust piece of antivirus software featuring some unusual and advanced elements. You're also able to even run browsers or other legitimate software in this sandbox. After this went onto our radar during setup, we further discovered the program displaying two additional pop-ups at random times, both querying us for a change of our default browser, and one specifically could easily mislead a user into accidentally doing this.

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